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Our innovative, state of the art Connected Vehicle solution can help you manage your vehicle fleet efficiently.

Mapylo takes away the nitigrities of tracking, tracing & book keeping of maintenance of your vehicles so you concentrate better on your real business.

Why Mapylo

Key Features of a Real Time Location Tracker Mapylo

Mapylo is a modern & intelligent Vehicle Management application that will help you benefit by managing your entire fleet of vehicles efficently. Mapylo can handle a wide variety of vehicluar infomration for example fuel status, speed, motion, Vehicle inclination, temperature etc.

  • 01 Live Tracking

    Get Real-Time fleet tracking details and 24/7 visibility of your vehicle with Mapylo. Mapylo helps you to track and follow your vehicle, see live route on the go with road maps and satelite imagery.

  • Easy access to reports on route history, trips, stops & travel summary your vehicles. Mapylo provides instant notifications via mobile app, email, sms. This allows you to get alerts in case of over speeding, fuel drop, towing, maintance need, theft, accident and geofence events.

  • Simply plugin our affordable,international certified GPS device in your vehicle. Share OTP with us and you are ready to go.



Things those will assist you all the way

All our sophositaced features will help you do things efficiently.

Single App for track and maintenance99.9%
Realtime location trakcing90%
Insightfull reports 75%
Service Reminders75%
Fuel costs 75%
Free onboarding on Zatri App90%


Mapylo comes with most affordable pricing plan for everyone. You can simply start using our service by installing our 'Mapylo Client' mobile app in your Android mobile phone to track your vehicle location at monthly subscription fee

starting at just 99/- per month

For accurate location tracking and advance fleet management you may opt any of following exciting plans.

For public buses We offer free location sharing on our Zatri app.

Diamond Plan

6500/- per year
  • Free GPS device
  • Mobile App
  • Free Fleet Maintenance application
  • Realtime notifications
  • Fleet tracking & management Dashboard
  • Weekly reports via e-Mail
  • Priority Customer Support
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Platinum Plan

10000/- per year
  • Free GPS Device(OBD)
  • Mobile App
  • Free Fleet Maintenance application
  • Realtime advance notifications
  • Fleet tracking & management Dashboard
  • Weekly & advance reports via e-Mail
  • Platinum Customer Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Fleet Management?

    Fleet Management refers to managing one or group of vehicles which includes the handling of vehicle maintenance, financing, tracking, replacement, navigation, and routing.

  • Mapylo helps business enterprises coordinate and manage vehicles in a centralized information system for the smooth functioning and co-ordination of the entire fleet in the organization. Thus helps the owner or organizatin to reduce cost and enhance performance of transport process.

  • It uses a GPS device or a mobile GPS APP to recieve vehicle's real time GPS location into the server. It interprets the raw vehicluar information like geographical location, speed, direction, ignition status, temperature, battery status etc. and stores in the server at every regular intervals of 1 min. When user wants to see the information about the vehicle it fetches data from the server and displays it either in a map or report for easy understanding.

  • If you own a single vehicle or multiple vehicle and you want to track the real location of the vehicle remotely then this is the right solution for you. Day to day transport, goods delivery, commercial and public bus or taxi operators can use this solution to efficiently track and manage their vehicles easily.

  • Public bus operators can track and manage their buses easily with this application. They can also do better maintenance of the complete fleet via this application. Additionally if the operators want to show their live location to their passengers, it can be seemlessly integrated with our ZatriZatri passenger companion application too. This helps to keep your loyal customers happy.

About us

Mapylo is a modern intelligent vehicle tracking and fleet management solution from therootbit. At therootbit we believe that our futuristic solutions will soon become one of the ground breaking catalyst in transforming day to day lives of transporters and common people.

  • We at Mapylo envision to make every bit of the technology help you to solve your most demanding problems.
  • We are a smart, energetic, enthusiastic team who love to enjoy living on the edge but down on the ground with you. Curious & strategic thinkers with a vision beyond the horizon we are eager to partner with you to find a solution for common good.
  • Bold experimentators, masters of mutliple traits and tools. Risk takers we are some body from your own local town or city always reachable to support.

Having faced the simillar challanges personally, we a group of friends working together to offer smart, innovative solutions to people like you across the social strata. We believe this is our way if giving back to community.

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